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Availability Checker

Welcome to the availability checker. This page will check which services are available at your exchange and also provide an estimation of the potential speed your line can support.

To begin, please enter your telephone number or postcode:

Telephone number:

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Please note that all results displayed by this checker are provided from BT wholesale and are not necessarily accurate - so please be aware that these results are an estimate only.

If the speed you currently receive is higher than the checker says your line can support, then you should ignore the checker, as you already know your line can support a higher speed.

The checker does not have any impact on your actual speed, so if your line can support 6 Mb, but the checker only states 3 Mb, you will still receive whatever your line can support.
Switching to ADSL24 - in 3 easy steps
It couldn't be simpler to switch to ADSL24.
Simply contact your current provider for a MAC, choose your package and sign up online or by phone!

You don't need to cancel with your current provider and we will inform them once you have switched over to us. The process takes around 5 working days and you won't usually
be without your connection during this period.
Step 1
Get MAC from old provider
Step 2
Choose your new package
Step 3
Sign up online or call us
How to switch to ADSL24 in 3 easy steps